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Fluidify Your Company's Operations on the French Renewable Energy Market with LuxuriousTranslate.

French B2B Translation & Localization Agency for European startups operating in the Cleantech Industry.

French translation & localization for Cleantech startups. Book a call to share your company's goals and vision with us.

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Increase the Efficiency of your Brand's Operations on the French Market.

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Fluidify your Company's Operations on the French Market:

Ease your company's activity on the French Renewable Energy market by delegating your localization processes to LuxuriousTranslate.


At LuxuriousTranslate, we offer 4 services: regular Translation, Marketing Localization, Communication Localization and Supply Chain Localization. The purpose of these offers: to increase your enterprise's activities on the French market by facilitating communication with local suppliers, regulators, consumers and customers. We also allow you to adapt your supply chain to the French market by linking you up with local suppliers & potential partners.

The Fastest, Sweetest, and Simplest Process for you:

Our company ensures services including quality, speed & a process making it the simplest for you. LuxuriousTranslate forbids any personal extensive info fill-in form and no administrative info-sharing. 


Give us your Company’s name, e-mail address, and content to localize, and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours with a quote via email. Book a call with us to share your vision with us and we'll be ready to go! 


The service will be delivered between 24 hours and a week, depending on the size of your work and its complexity. 

A Combination of Human Expertise and Artificial Intelligence: 1/2

To ensures your work’s quality, both human knowledge/translation skills and AI are used.


Get the most accurate and efficient localization service possible with artificial intelligence backed by human expertise. During the process, AI is used as a way to store data, automate certain tasks and verify the accuracy of parts of the process. Artificial intelligence is mainly used along the translation process in language analysis, translation & terminology management, and quality control.

A combination of Human Expertise and Artificial Intelligence: 2/2

And at the head of each project, is me, Eric, the Agency’s founder. Young entrepreneur with both perfect English and impeccable French, I’ll be the one ensuring your translation’s accuracy as well as the terminology employed.


My aim is to ensure the efficiency of the workflow and the sharpness of the work. I'll be the one taking care of parts of the process such as design, marketing materials, and the final overall review.

The agency also guarantees a communicative process, keeping in touch with you throughout the translation period and giving you regular updates on its advancement.

Competitive Pricing for different Services:

Benefit from a competitive pricing in exchange of a faultless translation and expertise. LuxuriousTranslate works on a quotation basis. Enter your work on the website, you’ll directly get an approximation of how much it may cost, I’ll evaluate your work, and send you a quote within 24 hours, the price depending on the content's complexity and length.


Three different services are offered within the agency: Marketing Localization, Communication Localization and Supply Chain Localization. The first service includes the English to French translation of all the text linked to a product from your eCommerce website. The second one represents the translation of a collection to French. The third service includes the SEO-optimized translation and cultural adaptation of the marketing campaign of your choice to French: you can either choose to customize or to standardize.

A One-Man Business:

Benefit from expert localization all taken care of by one single person. At LuxuriousTranslate, all the work linked to your localization is done by me (Eric), meaning no faulty translation misunderstandings, no extra delays, and a faster overall process.


I guarantee perfect translation accompanied by specialized knowledge and cultural adaptation behind every localization. I’ll be the one putting together every part of your translation, and rechecking everything with the help of AI. If you have any problem or supplementary information to add during the process, you’ll be able to contact me at any time.

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Grow Your Vision

Benefit from human expertise, AI, and personalized localization to expand your brand and grow your profits.

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